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These are our


  • Small Dogs

    • Day Trial: 1dog £22. 2dogs £32. 3dogs £42
    • 1: £25.00 
    • 2: £37.50 same family
    • 3: £45.50 same family
    • 4: £48.00 same family

  • Cats

    • 1: £19.00 
    • 2: £28.00 same family
    • 3: £35.00 same family
    • 4: £38.00 same family
    • 5: £43.00 same family

  • Medium Dogs

    • Day Trial: 1dog £25. 2dogs £37. 3dogs £47 
    • 1: £27.00 
    • 2: £39.50 same family
    • 3: £50.50same family
    • 4: £53.00 same family

  • Dog baths

    • Small dog £21
    • m/lg dog £26

  • Large Dogs

    • Day Trial: 1dog £27. 2dogs £39. 3dogs £49
    • 1: £28.00 
    • 2: £40.50 same family
    • 3: £51.50 same family
    • 4: £55.00 same family

  • More

  • We also take Parrots, Rabbits, Hamsters etc.. 

    please contact us to discuss your needs


Payment can be made on boarding arrival or collection by either cash or credit/debit card. Please note that we do not accept cheque payments. Rates are on a daily basis, a full days charge is made for the day of arrival, regardless of arrival time. On the day of departure, collection before 10am incurs a half day charge, after 10am incurs a full day charge. There is no extra charge for heating, medication or administration of special diets. We always insist on keeping your pet on the same diet, We stock a variety of foods if we do not have the food that your pet is used to, we will ask you to bring their food along and a £0.50 per day price reduction will apply to your bill.


If you wish to amend dates relating to your booking, please give us as much notice as possible!

All dates booked in advance should be paid even dates which are not used! (i.e. coming in late or collecting early) Any amendment or cancellation is subject to a minimum notice period of 7 days prior to your booking. Any amendment or cancellation after the 7 day notice period will result in a charge for the full period that you have pre booked. We reserve the right to charge a deposit with your booking.


Please note our charges over the Christmas period: Christmas day, Boxing Day and New Years day will all be charged at a double rate, we also have minimum booking time of 2 weeks 


During peak seasons there is a minimum booking time of five days


Collection Service

A collection and delivery service for your pet is available for a nominal charge. depending on availability please try to give us at least one week notice