Terms and Conditions
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Important information

Terms and Conditions

  • Cancellation fees. If less than seven days notice is given when amending or canceling your booking, full payment is required for the dates booked.
  • We have a minimum booking of five days during peak Periods (Easter, summer, half terms) and for Christmas we have a minimum of 2 weeks bookings
  • All animals must be fully vaccinated and a current veterinary certificate must be produced at the time of boarding, every time you board your pet with us.
  • Dogs must be covered against Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis and Parovirus.
  • The Kennel cough vaccine is not a requirement for your dog to stay with us, if you do decide to give your dog the kennel cough vaccine it must be given at least two weeks prior to boarding with us, otherwise you will be turned away and we will be unable to board your pet.
  • Cats must be vaccinated against feline upper respiratory or cat flu and feline infectious enteritis.
  • Effective treatment against worms and fleas must also have been given prior to the commencement of boarding,     There will also be a fogger treatment of £8 added to your bill to treat the room after the end of the stay if we find any flea dirt or fleas in a Cat.
  • Cozy Pets Hotel will only accept healthy animals in a parasite free condition; it is your responsibility to disclose any health or behavioural issues directly at first meeting. We reserve the right to turn away any animals we believe to be un-fit for boarding.
  • We will not accept any aggressive animals, should your pet display any aggressive behaviour whilst being boarded we will be unable to care for them and will contact you immediately.
  • If deemed necessary Veterinary treatment will be arranged with a local veterinary surgeon for any condition occurring during the stay. Your pet will be insured during their stay with us and for up to 72 hours after collection, a maximum veterinary fee of £1500 will be covered. Any recurrence of a known condition will NOT be covered by our insurance and all owners will be expected to settle their own accounts in full.
  • In case of an emergency we will reach the emergency contact whose details the owner must provide us with, if we are unable to contact the owner directly or the emergency contact we will follow the instructions of our own vet in the best interests of the animal.
  • We use local vets. If you specify that your pet must be taken to an alternative veterinary practice we will charge for this service.
  • In the event of failure to collect a boarder/s and pay all appropriate fees within 7 days of the agreed boarding period, cozy pets hotel reserves the right to re-home your pet/s.
  • Please note all items are left at the owner’s own risk, i.e. bedding , toys , leads etc
  • Whilst all reasonable care and attention is given to every animal boarded, the kennel and/or its staff cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage arising through illness or any other cause and the animal is boarded entirely at the owner’s risk.
  • Cozy pets Hotel ltd reserves the right to review its prices every 6 months